In my opinion, one of the most important tasks of a dressage rider is to keep and improve the horse’s motivation. Only a motivated and content horse is willing to perform and form a team with its rider. Every horse is an individual, which should be treated and be ridden individually. The horse’s strength and self-confidence should be encouraged in order to make them dance and shine. Dressage riding is not only about performing correctly – its fascination is created by the horse and rider who build a unity in the arena.

With a diversified, consistent and constant education, I want to use my time for the education of dressage horses which reach from Youngsters up to Grand Prix Horses. This education and training is supposed to give scopes for individual development, depending on the individual needs of every single horse. The well-adjusted, balanced horse, according to appropriate standards of education is, for me, of capital importance, which I certainly communicate during the classes I give.

The riding center of the Gramann family in Vechta, in the heart of the largest German equestrian region in the Osnabrück region, offers the best possible conditions to meet this versatile approach: two riding arenas, several outdoor riding courses, a gallop race track and a new horse walker support the daily training. A small training course or Cavaletti work, best riding possibilities, generous pastures and well-designed paddocks provide the mental balance and "let your soul dangle" the four-legged friends.

“Motivation is the engine“
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successes with my most important companions



I am supported by my two team members Katja Schneider and Laura Pettke, both are fully qualified riders by FN. Their strength is to handle the mainly young and unexperienced horses in a very sensitive, patient and positive way. The well-experienced team around the barn under the responsibility of Gabriela and Josef Gramann, as well as Pferdewirtin Hiltrud Zubrägel offers us with a family-run stable a very nice „home“ - a big thank you for that !



"J’ai déjà fait plusieurs stages chez Stella avec mes chevaux. Elle m’a donné de très bons conseils pour la présentation en concours et également pour ma position à cheval. C’est une personne que j’apprécie pour son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse. Elle est toujours très à l’écoute de ses chevaux."

"I was at Stella´s place in Germany several times with my horses: she always sets highest priority to a correct and balanced seat and gave me a lot of good hints for the show. A big thank you to her professional and loving care! Moreover she always makes great effort for the well-being of her horses."

Rachel Bastady (France)

"Bästa Stella! Tusen tack för en fantastisk tid med dig och hästarna i Bippen! Det här året har varit fantastiskt på så många sätt och något jag sent kommer glömma. Jag har utvecklat min ridning, men även vuxit på ett personligt plan. När jag bestämde mig för att flytta från Sverige till Tyskland så visste jag inte vad som väntade och att jag skulle få det bästa året hittas. Det var tråkigt flytta hem för att fortsätta studierna, men allt har sin tid och jag är evigt tacksam för tiden jag fick hos dig. Jag är så glad för allt du har lärt mig, alla hästar jag har fått rida och för att jag har fått en vän för livet. Det har varit en ära att få jobba med en så ödmjuk människa som verkligen har en passion för det hon gör och är så mån om alla hästarna. Det har varit en ära att jobba med dig. Ännu en gång, tack Stella!"

"Dear Stella! Thank you for an amazing time with you and the horses in Bippen! This year have been amazing in so many ways and something I will always carry with me. I have developed my riding, but also grown as a person. When I decided to move from Sweden to Germany I didn’t know what came ahead nor that this would be the best year I’ve ever had. I am very sad to move back home for studies but everything has its time and I’m forever grateful for the time I got to spend with you and the horses. I’m so thankful for everything you taught me, all the horses I got to ride, and the fact that I got a friend for life. It has been an honor to work with such a humble person with a huge passion for her work and great love for her horses. It has ben a huge pleasure working with you. So again, thank you Stella!"

Erika Langaker (Sweden)




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